About me

You may be wondering what kind of person loves rocks as much as I do. So let me introduce myself.

Hazel at Charmouth, Dorset.

My name is Hazel Gibson and I am a PhD student at Plymouth University studying geology, cognition and communication. I have worked in industry as an engineering geologist; as a ranger; and in science education for many years. The reason I love rocks so much is that I find them endlessly exciting – I mean who doesn’t think that dinosaurs are cool, or how amazing it must be to see a mineral that has never been seen by another person before, or even to stand in front of a volcano and realise that you are watching new earth be created – it’s fantastic!

It also helps that I live in one of the most geologically diverse countries on the planet – if you walk from the south east coast of the UK in England to the far north west Scottish islands, encompassing Wales and Northern Ireland you will walk through at least 550 MILLION YEARS of geological history. Also I currently live in a very geologically interesting part of the UK – the south west of England – granite moorlands, red sandstone beaches, fossil rich mudstones, it just gets better and better. But that is the brilliant thing about geology. Wherever you live there is something fascinating going on under your feet.

I also love to craft so on these pages I will occasionally post something I have made that is both crafty and geological – don’t worry nothing will be difficult and I will try and post how it is done simply so if you want to have a go yourself then you can – I’m no expert so many of you will probably be able to improve on my ideas or even suggest stuff!

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Hazel

    I came across your details via a newsletter for Ada Lovelace Day, where you are listed as a speaker. I’m contacting you because I am helping to organise a pop up science, technology and digital festival – Technopop – which will be taking place from 1 March – 21 April 2014.

    As part of the activities, we will be hosting a number of themed weeks, with week 4 (25-30 March 2014) being ‘Inspiring Women, Inspiring Girls’. I’m looking for a number of role models to participate in this week, and wanted to drop you a line with further details of the event to see if you would be interested in participating? Having read your most recent blog post on the mum with young girls who are interested in science, I think you would be perfect..!

    I’d be pleased to send you more details, if you’re able to send me an email I can forward on the short presentation we’ve prepared on the event for your information?

    Many thanks for your consideration and look forward to hearing from you soon

    Best regards
    Katie Neal


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