LGBTQIA+ Minerals

In June 2019 I wanted to try something a little different to celebrate Pride month. I was feeling very inspired by the various flags and so started to doodle minerals that matched the flag colours. Before I knew it I had drawn 14 of them and so I decided to share them. Because LGBTQIA+ rights and visibility are important I wanted to post these pictures here for anyone to download and use or print, whatever you want, for free. All I ask is that you credit me if you want to share them and DO NOT use any images for any kind of queerbashing or hateful speech. There is enough of that in the world, these are just some pictures that might bring a little smile to some people (I can only hope).

So. Happy Pride, Happy LGBTQIA+ in STEM Day and if you are part of the queer community, know that you are important and valid and deserving of love however you choose to define it.

Finally if there is a flag I have missed and you would like me to mineralise it 😉 just drop me a line on instagram, twitter or in the comments.


Lesbian flag colours – rhodochrosite stalactite slice


Gay flag colours – iris agate


Bisexual flag colours – bornite on quartz porphyry


Transgender flag colours – blue watermelon tourmaline


Genderqueer flag colours – vesuvianite


Intersex flag colours – wernerite, fluorescing under UV light


Asexual flag colours – blue john variety of fluorite


Aromantic flag colours – malachite


Demisexual flag colours – plagioclase feldspar and olivine in cross-polarised light (XPL) thin section


Pansexual flag colours – tourmaline


Polyamorous flag colours – pietersite

Also the reason the Pietersite is different to the others is because I started drawing it, realised it was upside down, continued it as another practice, then liked the finished version so much I had to use it.  Live and learn, hey?


Non-binary flag colours – fluorite


Genderfluid flag colours – nepheline syenite thin section


Agender flag colours – beryl tourmaline quartz


Happy Pride everyone! – rainbow agate

Good times and sparkles!