Do job interviews bring out my inner idiot?

I hate job interviews. I always come out of them dejected and frustrated – feeling impotent and unprepared. Which is totally unrealistic. There is absolutely no professional situation that I will not prepare for and although you read as much … Continue reading

My first post…

Hello all you rock-lovers!

Welcome to my first post on this new blog giving me free reign to indulge in my love of rocks. If you like rocks too, or fossils, or minerals or anything that originates under the surface of our amazing planet, then please comment, give me an idea of what you would like to hear about or just share your brilliant rocky stories with me! I hope to add some good rock and fossil hunting sites that I have been to and some tips on how to identify common discoveries in the UK. The rest will just be me talking about much we like rocks!!

Be warned there may also be some really bad rock puns along the way.

I hope you enjoy it!