Work in progress….

If you drift by this website right now looking for something you may see that it is pretty unkempt and disorganised.

There was a VERY long time where I wasn’t updating or keeping the website sorted for a whole range of personal reasons that I don’t want to go into now. Because of that I have decided to go back through, add posts I had written elsewhere, redesign the site to more accurately reflect me and what I’m doing now and generally fix a bunch of problems. As such the site will probably look even MORE messy whilst I go through this period of transition. Some posts might be moved, some pages will change.

When I’m all done, I’ll delete this post, then add a new one to kick start a new era for this site. Until then, thanks for your patience and sorry if my tweaking is disruptive to your searching right now…!!


Geology films on UK Netflix

Inspired by a twitter conversation a couple of weeks ago started by @GeoSciTweeps and #BadGeologyFilms I wanted to see what geology films were available if you wanted to get a dose of geology viewing. Now this is totally skewed towards … Continue reading

#EGU16 Day 2 – perceptions, IODP/ICDP and poetry

Day two is over and it was another great day! The weather was beautiful today, really tempting people out of the conference centre and into the lovely Vienna, but luckily there were also lots of brilliant talks to draw people … Continue reading