It’s been a long train journey…

So. Welcome. I am currently sat on a train racing though the beautiful UK countryside nearing the end of a twelve and a half hour journey (and that’s just the train) and during this journey I have had an epiphany. You see this train, very unusually, has wifi, so I have spent my time on board actively reading my journal articles (check my good behaviour!), checking the news and scoping out blogs of writers I admire, and my epiphany was this: If I want to get better at science communication and really get a handle on all this data I am processing daily I should be writing about it. And not just as an academic, but as an interested and curious person. So I have decided to add my little slice of pie to the immense blogosphere patisserie and see what comes back. Maybe nothing, but maybe you lovely people will have a look at my ramblings and share some of your own inestimable knowledge and experience.

So there you have it. In Big-Bang-stylee I like to call it the ‘clickety-clack tremor inspired revelation’. As I am still on the train I will save the first instalment for another day when I am more compos mentis.

All that remains to be said is – thanks for reading.


One thought on “It’s been a long train journey…

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