BGS people – Caroline Graham, a rock star physicist

For two weeks at the beginning of July I got the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of interesting people at the British Geological Survey and speak with them about what they do, why they enjoy it and why it’s interesting. It’s been a great opportunity for me to geek out at all the amazing things the BGS is doing and the brilliant people who work there.

Dr Caroline Graham is described at the BGS as the ‘rock star physicist’, only better than the other one because she has actual rocks! She spends her time studying geomechanics – which is how rocks behave under pressure and how they break apart – she has even listened to the sounds that rocks make as they fracture and discovered that some rocks make a specific sound just before they break!! Now she spends her time examining critical rock resources like those we may use to dispose of radioactive waste or store carbon. You can read the post here.

Dr Caroline Graham working in a salt mine.

Dr Caroline Graham working in a salt mine.



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