BGS people – Rachel Bell, a tenacious hydrogelogist

For two weeks at the beginning of July I got the opportunity to meet a whole bunch of interesting people at the British Geological Survey and speak with them about what they do, why they enjoy it and why it’s interesting. It’s been a great opportunity for me to geek out at all the amazing things the BGS is doing and the brilliant people who work there.

Rachel Bell is a hydrogeologist, which means she is interested in water. Specifically she is interested in the quanity and quality of water held in rocks underground and as such has spent a lot of her career in an out of various rivers, lakes and other water bodies collecting data. She is also a great example of someone who really chased her dream, overcoming setbacks in her career that many others would have seen as the end of the road.  You can read the post here.

Rachel Bell collecting data

Rachel Bell collecting data

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